Kind Words from Current & Past Clients

Carole Audet has been working with me since March 2010. Since then, she has proven herself to be indispensable to me. As a new author, it has been wonderful for me to have someone who understands the many things about the world of book publishing and marketing that I have no knowledge about. Carole is also an excellent writer and she has many useful ideas and strategies to offer me.

Candace Plattor, Registered Clinical Counsellor and Author of Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself

Carole was a pleasure to work with as an editor. I appreciated her attention to detail, whether it was grammatical or in the nuance of a phrase. She suggested effective ways of rewriting certain sentences and sections that I had formerly wrestled with. Carole read the many layers of my manuscript with a skillful eye, and I learned much about the nuts and bolts of grammar from her that will serve me as a writer for years to come! Additionally, Carole’s eye for detail really saved me in the process of book design. She caught little things I hadn’t even looked for, and those little things actually meant a lot! Her familiarity with the publication process helped me clarify my project and the next steps needed to take it where I wanted it to go. Carole was always prompt and good-natured in her replies, and working with her was a pleasure.

Kristin K. Collier, Author of Housewife: Home REmaking in a Transgender Marriage

Not only was I overwhelmingly pleased with Carole’s work, I also feel like she genuinely cared about the success of my project, which is so important in an editor because you need to trust in their abilities, expertise, and thoroughness. Carole was initially referred to me by another author friend, and I would be happy to refer her to other authors and friends as well.

Leanna Haakons, President, Black Hawk Financial, Author of Young, Fun & Financially Free

I work with Carole as a member of our editing team. She has a keen eye for details and a great sensibility for flow and content. Project after project, she delivers quality edited material for publication. Any work coming under her editor’s pen will be the better for it!

Karen Burton, Managing Editor, Leon Smith Publishing

I have great virtual support for my business that I would recommend for any of your editing, copywriting or ghostwriting needs. Carole Audet returns my work to me before I expect it, she hits the message every time, and she offers feedback that has been invaluable to my work. She keeps me accountable and on track with timing and launching of my outreach. If you want a partner in your success, Carole will be there for you as she is for me.

Cynthia Owen, Feminine Power Coach

Loving your edit. If anything you have made me sound more like me. Or at least how I’d like to sound. What I really love is how you have identified and refined the areas where I really had trouble articulating my point. Great stuff.

Rob Schlyecher, Creative Director and Partner, Spring Advertising, Author of Finders & Keepers

She’s eagle-eyed, persistent and mindful of the curve in the road. Add supportive, fun and truly determined to steer you to your best effort. Now you’ve got Carole Audet, Editor. You’ve got someone special, someone indispensable.

David Berner, Author of All The Way Home

Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction books, magazines, blog posts or website copy, Carole’s eye for detail is extraordinary! I am forever grateful for her with various projects including the final edit of my fantasy novel, Hunters of the Dream, the Eco Heart Oracle Guidebook, and my latest project, the Alchemy Flower Oracle Guidebook. She is professional, dedicated, organized, deadline oriented and easy to work with. Her attention to detail is truly awesome!

Ingrid Koivukangas, Creator of Eco Heart Oracle and Alchemy Flower Oracle, Author of Hunters of the Dream

Carole was instrumental throughout the manuscript preparation, editing, publishing and marketing processes. Carole’s expertise, professionalism, energy, creativity, conceptual thinking, dependability, conscientiousness, and outstanding organizational and time-management skills are invaluable.

Dr. Kathleen Reay, Author of Toxic Divorce, A Workbook for Alienated Parents

Carole’s editing created a flow and took care of repeats in information that took away from the message. Her comments helped me to consider certain controversial aspects of my writing and make a decision. Some needed to be modified, which felt right to me. Some helped me discover my truth, which made me feel empowered. Thank you Carole.

Cori Ellingson, Author of Choosing a Vibrant Life

A member of my publishing team suggested I contact Carole to proofread my manuscript. It was overdue so I needed to get this done right away. Carole was able to meet the tight deadline and she went above and beyond the job of proofreading when she caught many issues within the manuscript. Carole’s sharp eye for detail ensured that I put my best foot forward with my book.

Majeed Mogharreban, Business Coach and Author of The Small Business Trap

Since early 2012, Carole Audet, has been helping me develop and move into the public domain with my Law of Attraction Journaling website and Journal program. Carole, apart from being a gifted writer, is able to translate my random and disconnected thoughts both spoken and written into a coherent message. Carole, additionally, has a first-class temperament; she is patient, thoughtful and offers honest, pointed questions and suggestions as needed. She is creative and often takes the initiative in putting together a coherent message for my presentations on the website and Journal. Carole is someone whom the busy professional would feel very comfortable with assigning the task of clarifying the essence of the message to be presented, and effectively delivering that message through a wide variety of modalities to create her client’s desired result.

Michael Pearlman, M.D.

I hired Carole to revamp my IFO, my irresistible free offer. While I already had an existing document, I wanted a recent interview to be included to make it even better. Carole was able to seamlessly incorporate the new content and she even caught and fixed errors that were missed in the original document. Carole’s work is thorough and she’s a pleasure to 

Mal Duane, Life Coach