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With a background in journalism and an eye for detail, I’ve been helping authors from raw manuscript to published book in their hands for more than a dozen years.

Non-fiction Editor

Your manuscript is now complete. Congratulations! Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could just hand it over and, without a whole lot of fuss on your part, end up with a professionally published book?

You can.

Writing your book has likely taken a fair bit of your time, but you managed to get it done in between serving your clients or running your business. The next step is getting your manuscript edited and published. If you’re going the self-publishing route, learning the intricacies of this process is probably not something you want to spend more of your time doing. You want to focus on your area of expertise, and this isn’t it. But it is mine. Not only will I edit your manuscript, I will work with you until you have your book in your hands.

About Me
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Most authors I’ve worked with have taken years to write their manuscripts. Understandably, they need to know the editing process will be handled with care. My goal is to make sure the author’s message is clearly understood by readers, never to change their voice or put my stamp on their work. 

Professional editor.

Publishing Specialist.

Here are some projects I've worked on.

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Finders & Keepers Cover

Kind words from past clients

Not only was I overwhelmingly pleased with Carole's work, I also feel she genuinely cared about the success of my project, which is so important in an editor because you need to trust in their abilities, expertise, and thoroughness. Carole was initially referred to me by another author friend, and I would be happy to refer her to other authors and friends as well.

Leanna Haakons

I hired Carole to copyedit my forthcoming book in early 2022. It was important to me to hire a vegan editor as I want all aspects of my book to be vegan. Carole is the only other Canadian vegan editor I know aside from myself! She is thorough, super knowledgeable about the Chicago Manual of Style, meticulous, and intelligent with her queries. She also provided some swipe copy for potential endorsers. My manuscript is better because of her work, and I can't wait to share it with the world soon.

Sandra Nomoto

I worked with Carole on the editing of my cookbook. She provided exceptional support and guidance throughout the editing process and beyond. I am very grateful for her professional assistance, and I am looking forward to working with her on my next project.

Chef Frances Star

Loving your edit. If anything, you have made me sound more like me. Or at least how I’d like to sound. What I really love is how you have identified and refined the areas where I really had trouble articulating my point. Great stuff.

Rob Schlyecher

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