Carole Audet

I love helping authors get their messages out to the world.

I owe my second career as a journalist to a fortunate fall from a horse (pre-vegan days) that resulted in a broken right wrist, among other injuries. This incident came at the perfect time. It was like the Universe telling me that it was time for something new and different. Being ejected from my saddle also meant I was ejected from my job. This cleared the way for me to go back to school. 

I haven’t looked back.

Carole was instrumental throughout the manuscript preparation, editing, publishing and marketing processes. Carole’s expertise, professionalism, energy, creativity, conceptual thinking, dependability, conscientiousness, and outstanding organizational and time-management skills are invaluable.
Dr. Kathleen Reay
Author of "Toxic Divorce: A Workbook for Alienated Parents"

Today, I enjoy writing and editing a variety of informational and promotional content for my clients. And, since I launched my business in 2010, I’ve had the pleasure of helping some amazing authors polish and publish their nonfiction books.

Before launching my business, I worked on a freelance basis writing for local magazines and newspapers in the Victoria, B.C. area. I also worked as an in-house editor for two special-interest magazines where I had the pleasure of interviewing many industry experts for news and feature stories. This position is where I honed my skills at working to deadline.

After becoming a member of Magazines Canada in late 2019, I was fortunate to find Carole’s website in my search for an editor for Canadian Vegan Magazine. As someone who does business as The Vegan Writer, she was the perfect fit.

Having now completed two issues of the magazine with her, I’m thrilled with the work she’s done—improving submitted articles in the editing process, and writing feature stories. In fact, I teared up reading the story she wrote for our second issue.

Carole is an accomplished writer and editor, and I’m so happy I found her.

Nia Seney Canadian Vegan Magazine
Nia Seney
Editor-in-Chief, Canadian Vegan Magazine

I studied journalism/photojournalism at a private institution in Victoria, B.C., was the first student to get a full-page article published in a local newspaper, and I went on to earn the highest honours in my graduating class.

My natural curiosity is a gift when it comes to digging up the facts and interviewing for story. I’ve become adept at asking the right questions and, together with my friendly personality, I inspire people to open up and share with ease.

As an editor, I know the importance of ensuring the author’s message is clear.

Carole was a pleasure to work with as an editor. I appreciated her attention to detail, whether it was grammatical or in the nuance of a phrase. She suggested effective ways of rewriting certain sentences and sections that I had formerly wrestled with.

Carole read the many layers of my manuscript with a skillful eye, and I learned much about the nuts and bolts of grammar from her that will serve me as a writer for years to come!

Additionally, Carole’s eye for detail really saved me in the process of book design. She caught little things I hadn’t even looked for, and those little things actually meant a lot!

Her familiarity with the publication process helped me clarify my project and the next steps needed to take it where I wanted it to go. Carole was always prompt and good-natured in her replies, and working with her was a pleasure.

Kristin K. Collier
Author of "Housewife: Home REmaking in a Transgender Marriage"
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