About Me

As an editor, I know the importance of ensuring the author’s message is clear.

As Arthur Plotnik said, “You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what’s burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke.”

I owe my second career as a journalist to a fortunate fall from a horse that resulted in a broken right wrist, among other injuries. (This was several years prior to becoming vegan.) This incident came at the perfect time. It was like the Universe telling me that it was time for something new and different. Being ejected from my saddle also meant I was ejected from my job. This cleared the way for me to go back to school.

I haven’t looked back.


I studied photojournalism at a private institution in Victoria, B.C., was the first student to get a full-page article published in a local newspaper, and I went on to earn the highest honours in my graduating class.

Since then, I’ve been writing and editing a variety of content on a freelance basis and as an in-house writer and editor. I’ve been running my own business since 2010.

I love to help thought leaders, coaches, consultants, and visionaries share their expertise through their nonfiction books, as well as those who want to publish their stories with the hope that it will help others navigate a similar experience.

As a freelancer, I spent four years as a feature writer and editor for Global Vegan Magazine, until it published its last issue in December 2023.

Working in periodicals meant I had the pleasure of interviewing many experts, content creators, authors, activists, doctors, and other individuals who are making a difference.

I will take your project from raw manuscript to published book that you will be thrilled with.

Dr. Kathleen Reay

“Carole was instrumental throughout the manuscript preparation, editing, publishing and marketing processes. Carole’s expertise, professionalism, energy, creativity, conceptual thinking, dependability, conscientiousness, and outstanding organizational and time-management skills are invaluable.”
Dr. Kathleen Reay, Author of Toxic Divorce: A Workbook for Alienated Parents.

I’m passionate about helping authors share their messages.

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